About Mint

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Mint, Prin Muangsin

มิ้นท์, ปริญญ์ เหมืองสิน

Mint as an "Amateur Human"

I see myself as being an apprentice of this world. We gain unique experiences every moment we live by, and those experiences make you ‘you’ in the very sense. Putting it like this keeps me curious and humble about what the world has to offer and what life has to teach me.

My Calling

Exploration has always been my desire. I wish to try new things, build new processes, gain new knowledge, understand different people, and solve more problems. My "Mid-Term" goal as of today is to become a "Full-Stack Entrepreneur", where I could sustainably solve any problem, and help anyone to my heart desires by bridging "Business x Technology x Passion" altogether.

Professional Focus

Apart from showing (more like staying hidden) up in various different projects across many different industries, I pour my life into Adaptivity, an ed-tech startup with a global ambition in guiding people to transition from the traditional economy to becoming employable in the digital economy.