Tool Stack

" I've always been fascinated by tools and gadgets. Sometimes it makes life a whole lot easier, and sometimes they are just fun. These are my personal arsenals I keep in handy "

Free Visual Resources

Whether it's your website, illustration, presentation, or posters, great visual is the key. Random searches on the internet don't usually bring out stunning free-to-use visuals. Here is a collection of great websites to find these visuals.

Free Icons

Icons differs just a little from visual resources since it aims to communicate with minimalistic design and constraint. These are my first go-to resources.

Free Audio Resources

Sounds are all around. These are some great free to use audio resources. Add these to videos, songs, podcasts, jingles, etc. Make cool stuff!
*Even though it's free, please do check out the licensing terms/attribution and conditions of each piece.


More cool and super useful things that might not currently group into a category.

21st-century necessity; high-speed internet. With a super easy to remember name, all that "" does is run internet speed test instantly with no ads.

A simple image compressing web application. Just throw your photo in there, and wait at the end to receive a high quality compressed photo.

Going back and forward to schedule an appointment is painful and time-consuming. Zcal will effortlessly solve this problem by matching all parties' available time and creating a time block for the agreed appointment for everyone (even if everyone means just the two of you). Most importantly, it's free!

When you are stuck in designing websites or just needed some fresh ideas, taking a quick glance at some of the best's work could open up a whole new perspective.

Regardless of being a pro or an amateur, a checklist will save you from neglecting subtle details - especially in (web) design when many, but not all things are subjective.

Picking the right word in your writing to correctly express what you actually mean is difficult. "" is very handy when you are trying to find the right synonym for your content.

No setup, no login needed. Just click and start creating a lo-fi wireframe for an idea that is stuck in your head instantly.

There are (many) times when you will need to communicate, feedback, highlight, annotate to explain, and provide clarity. ShareX is a handy tool for Windows users that does it all.

Touchless and online is definitely the new norm. With various document signing services and platforms, PandaDoc provides an edge to its competitor with generous features for its free tier.

I run workshops all the time and this "Big Timer" makes the experience that much better. It's sleek, clean, easy to use and it's BIG.

Lag, unstable internet, and crummy recording quality are problems for remote podcast production. Zencastr solves this problem with their recording technology and a recording workflow that is very simple to onboard first-time podcast guests.

Check out my Introduction to Remote Podcast Production Guide [TH]

Basically Apple's macOS Spotlight for Windows. Fast and works like a charm. Turns out it saves me an insane amount of time for its built-in calculator.

The new online screen recorder in the block. Very similar to zoom but much more lightweight and it's currently free. Super helpful for communicating details asynchronously with the team and clearly getting the message across.